Losing My Father – One Year Later

Today marks exactly one year since my dad passed away.  I miss him so much.  I seriously believe the world is a less exciting place now that he is gone.  I miss talking to him on the phone about everything that’s going on with me and my husband, about surfing (he didn’t surf but loved to talk about the waves, especially if they were big) and our love for food.  My dad LOVED food!  Especially Japanese.  I’m pretty sure the last time we talked on the phone we were discussing our love for sushi and how good it was. 🙂  IMG_1312

My dad gave me my Mexican pride, my love for food, baseball & old Ford Mustangs, my competitive edge and so much more.  He had the most beautiful voice (he was a radio broadcaster for 30 years), so low and strong, and when he sang, you couldn’t help but listen.  Since, English wasn’t his first language, he had THE BEST accent.  Us siblings love to impersonate his voice because it always makes us laugh and smile.  cropped-img_34291.jpg

Our wedding was the last time we were all together as a family.  I’m so thankful for those memories… My family will be in town this weekend as we will be spreading our dad’s ashes off the coast of Huntington Beach.  The city where he lived and a place he absolutely loved.  I know it will be difficult but it will be a time for us to reflect on our beautiful father and lay him to rest.  I still don’t understand why God decided to take him when He did.  But my faith is in Him and that has helped me get through this tough year.IMG_0038

About a month after my dad passed away, my husband and I saw one of our favorite artists, Lissie, in a small venue.  She played the below song and I just began to ball.  She was speaking exactly what I was thinking.  It’s so hard losing someone you love, and yet, life keeps going on, and the “Sun Keeps Risin'”…

I promise my next post will be DIY related.  I just wanted to recognize my dad today and all that he meant to me.  You will forever be in my heart dad.  Te amo mucho. xo, Jenneke Rose


6 thoughts on “Losing My Father – One Year Later

  1. Such a beautifully honest post, sister. Reading about dad makes me miss him a million times more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Dad loved us soooo much! And yes, he had the BEST accent! ❤


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