California Love – Muir Woods

I haven’t been up to many DIY projects lately.  The last two weekends my husband and I got out of Lalaland and saw some of California!  May 19th was our 4 year anniversary (woo hoo!) so we spent the weekend in Santa Barbara.   Then last weekend we were up in the Bay Area visiting my family for my birthday.  Two busy but beautiful weekends! 🙂

Considering I’m born and raised in California, you’d think I’d seen most of this great state, but there are still so many places here that I need to see!  Let’s see…Joshua Tree…Lake Tahoe (I’ve never been physically on the lake)…Sonoma…just to name a few. 😉

I thought this blog post would focus on my trip up to the Bay (I’ll save another post for Santa Barbara).  This past weekend was filled with so many fun activities, but one I really wanted to do was hike Muir Woods.  I hadn’t been there in years and my husband had never been so I really wanted him to see more of the Bay as well as these AMAZING Redwood trees.  Sunday morning my mom, brother, husband and myself ventured over to Marin County.DSCN5036IMG_1041

Our friends warned us to get there early because that place is POPULAR and being that it was a holiday weekend we were also warned parking would fill up quickly.

They were right!  We hit some traffic getting into the park and we had to park a bit down the road from the main entrance but it wasn’t too bad!  Once we paid our entry fee ($10/person) we were free to explore! 🙂

The main trail was PACKED with people.  My husband said he felt like he was in Disneyland.  Ha!  Although he’s never been to Disneyland… Anyway, it was crowded!  We eventually found the Hillside Trail and made that our hike.DSCN5040

As we continued to hike up, the crowd became more dispersed and the beauty became even more in your face.IMG_1006DSCN5049IMG_1036

Throughout the hike we were hoping we’d see some Ewoks or maybe even Chewy but we never did. 😦  We seriously felt like we were on planet Endor!  Maybe next time we’ll see some Ewoks.  I hope so… IMG_1040IMG_1108IMG_1035

Check out these Redwoods!  God’s creation is pretty amazing.IMG_1014IMG_1067

The beauty here is unbelievable.   IMG_1029DSCN5072DSCN5071

It was a perfect day spent hiking and exploring.  If you’re ever in the Bay Area, I highly recommend you check it out!  You will not be disappointed.  I promise. 🙂 xo, Jenneke Rose


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