Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Based on the title of this post you guys are probably thinking that I’m pregnant and these are ideas for my shower…well, I am NOT pregnant. 😛  This post is about my sister’s baby shower which we held in November.  Her baby is now 5 month’s old but I thought it’d be fun to share what we did as decor.

I attended a friend’s baby shower this past weekend and it got me thinking of the baby shower we planned for my oldest sister, Carina.  She had her first child in January so it was a pretty exciting time for my fam. 🙂  With the help of her mother-in-law we planned a simple, vintage baby shower for her and her husband’s friends and family.

Flowers were the first item we tackled.  We went to a flower wholesale warehouse a month before her shower to get an idea of what was available.  My sister picked out certain colors and types she liked and thankfully they had the flowers available the next month.  (Sometimes that might change depending on season and availability.)  We used my wedding mason jars for the arrangements.cropped-dsc_07781.jpg

We used Baby’s Breath, Stock, Hypericum Berries, Green Hydrangeas & Spider Chrysanthemums.  The colors went together so well.DSC_1078 (1)DSC_0807DSC_0793

We made simple burlap bunting banners which added a nice, rustic touch.DSC_0805

For the baby banner we also ripped material that I bought at a thrift store and added it as a garland.  Isn’t it adorable?!DSC_1076

Her mother-in-law made this wishing tree where guests could leave wishes for the family.DSC_0851DSC_0844DSC_0852

We also gave out packets of POPPY seeds (my sister named her daughter Poppy)… get it?? 🙂  Her mother-in-law ordered them on Amazon and they worked out perfect.  I’m not sure if you can see, but the packets had a burlap print to them along with the flowers and succulents which were wrapped in burlap.DSC_0855

Here are a few more details from the day…DSC_0796DSC_0786DSC_0926DSC_0840DSC_0867

I’d say when planning a baby shower, or any party for that matter, choose a theme and look for ideas online or on Pinterest.  I made a Pinterest board for my sister’s shower and it really helped me!

Good luck, have fun planning & Happy Almost Friday!!  xo, Jenneke Rose

All pictures taken by my sister Marie.  She has a beautiful blog titled JaimePorVida.   Check it out if you’ve ever lost someone you love.



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