California Getaway – Santa Barbara

Happy Wednesday guys!  Here’s a little mid-week travel inspiration…

May 19 was our 4 year wedding anniversary.  Woo hoo!! 🙂  To celebrate my husband and I decided to go back to the city that brought us together… Santa Barbara!  We absolutely LOVE this place.  It’s by far one of our favorite cities.  Paris is another fave, but SB is only a couple hours away from LA. 😉

It’s always great going back to Santa Barbara.  We still have friends that live there so we usually stay with them (free lodging, score!) and we always have a great time.

It was such a beautiful weekend there.  We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather and company.  Here are a few highlights.

First, we stopped by the Santa Barbara Polo Club to reminisce about our wedding…DSCN4911DSCN4918

It brought back some great memories.  You can read about our wedding here.DSCN4919DSCN4915DSCN4925

We also went hiking!  SB has so many great trails!  I highly suggest you check them out.DSCN4936DSCN4942

The view from the top isn’t too bad either. ;)cropped-dscn4945.jpg

A little off State Street you have the Funk Zone.  A lot of wineries have popped up there and it’s so cute.  It’s a perfect area to grab a bite to eat or have a glass of some delicious wine.  We stopped at Municipal Winemakers for a glass of Rosé– yummy!  The interior of this place is so cute too.  IMG_0851_2

Before we headed back to Los Angeles, my husband and I decided to check out our old stomping grounds – the UCSB campus!DSCN4975

We felt A LOT older than the few students we saw out and about.  Funny how that happens.IMG_0881_2

We asked a kid, um I mean a student, to take our picture in front of the DLG (the dining commons where we both worked and where we met)… Remember Jack Johnson??  “Well I was eating lunch at the DLG…”  Ha, okay, that’s not exactly how it happened for us, but close enough. IMG_0887_2

Santa Barbara holds a special place in our hearts.  I hope this post inspires you to check out Santa Barbara or a place that you’ve been longing to visit.  xo, Jenneke Rose


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