Fancy Picnic – Enjoying the End of Summer

Can you believe summer is about to be over?  It feels like we were just celebrating the Fourth of July?!  Crazy how time flies.  And I guess most people think summer is over once school is back in session and Labor Day passes…

But it’s not over guys!  We have a couple more days left!  I’m going to soak it up for all it’s worth. 🙂  And then I’m going to soak up fall because I do love pumpkins and cinnamon and all the goodness that comes along with that season…but I digress and that will be another post. 😉

Our town holds Summer Concerts in the Park where everyone hangs out and picnics while we listen to a band rock out.  Well these concerts ended a few weeks ago but they got me thinkin’…fancy picnics!  Well, it wasn’t just me, but myself and a couple girlfriends started chatting about doing a fancy picnic for the last concert.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work out, BUT this past weekend was the last weekend of summer so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to have a fancy picnic and celebrate the end of summer. cropped-picnic13.jpg

Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate.  I thought this picnic would be set against a beautiful setting sun and instead it was set against clouds and chilly weather.  But that’s okay because it still turned out beautifully and we had a great time!img_0512picnic27

Most of my decor I had laying around our place.  I bought some linens and cloth napkins at the thrift store (LOVE thrift store finds!) and the greenery and food from Trader Joe’s (another thing I LOVE!!).  It was fun putting it all together and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.picnic5

The pallet I found at work and thought it would be the perfect table.  It was.picnic14

The stitching on these napkins is adorable.  I used the napkins as a runner. :)picnic18

The awesome thing about picnics is that they can really be whatever you want them to be.picnic22

I used a planter box which my husband made me and I have yet to use for plants (sorry husband!) but it worked perfect as a little table to hold the charcuterie board.picnic8picnic26picnic20

I found this cake stand awhile ago at a local thrift store.  Isn’t it beautiful?picnic11picnic24

And it really doesn’t have to be fancy, just whatever your heart desires.  I just thought it would be fun to use REAL utensils and plates. Whaaaat?!  I know crazy huh.  Also, candles…ummm romantic!?!  Although the dang wind kept them from being lit the whole time.  Boo!  But it’s all in the details peeps.picnic17cropped-picnic19.jpgpicnic4picnic10

Have fun planning your fancy picnic! 😉  Enjoy the last few moments of summer.  I know I will.  xo, Jenneke Rose


9 thoughts on “Fancy Picnic – Enjoying the End of Summer

  1. Um it was nice and all but you were missing a key ingredient… Mua… That looked fabulous and I loved every detail.

    Thanks for sharing Cuzzo.


  2. I love this idea! How fun! And I think any picnic with a view of the ocean is a winner 😉 love all of your decorating ideas, & use of a pallet for a table! 👌🏽 And I learned a new word…accept I think you may need to pronounce it for me. lol charcuterie?? Thanks for sharing!!


    1. Thank you Rachel! Agreed, any picnic with an ocean view isn’t too bad. 😉 The pallet worked out so well! It’s amazing what you can do with free finds. Charcuterie is a French term used for meat plates, but I used mostly cheese and fruit! 🙂 xo.


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