In the Hawaiian culture rain is considered a blessing.

This morning I woke up to rain.  That’s rare in LA.  We need the rain too.  California always seems to be in need of these life giving drops.

This morning I also woke up to the realization that today marks 3 years since my dad passed away.  When you lose a loved one, that date they were taken from this world becomes another anniversary to put on your calendar.  A weird anniversary I guess.

I’m taking the rain today, in all its wet glory, as a blessing.  A blessing from God letting me know that it’s okay and that this too shall pass.  After all, after the rain comes the rainbow and that right there is God’s promise to me.

So even though I’m sad today and miss my dad tremendously, I know that God has my back and I’m blessed more than I even realize.

Love you dad, forever and ever.

XO, Jenneke Rose

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