Vintage Wooden Folding Chairs – Refurbishing Part 2

I don’t know about you guys but don’t you wish the weekend extended into Monday? … and even Tuesday? 🙂  We’ve been having summer-like weather down here in SoCal and this girl is struggling gettin’ back to work! 😛  This weekend seriously felt like summer!  I can’t wait for it to officially arrive.

If you recall from my previous post, I found these awesome vintage wooden chairs and have been meaning to make them look pretty.  I sanded them down the other week and this past weekend I stained these babies.

I had been debating on what color to stain them or if I should even stain them at all.  After searching online and going to our local Home Depot, I ended up choosing Howard’s Feed-n-Wax.  I was going to test a little spot with this & if I didn’t like it, the plan was to stain the chairs this pretty color.

Flashback, this is what they looked like before.  Yikes!IMG_0709_2

First things first.  I washed down the chairs with some soap and water…DSCN4757

Look at all that dust from sanding!  Make sure you do this step before staining.DSCN4758

Then I tested out a spot with the wax.  If I didn’t like it I knew I could stain over it.  But it looked pretty so I decided to go with it. :)DSCN4763IMG_4716

I waxed down one chair…DSCN4764

And then the other…DSCN4765

I let the wax set for 20 minutes and then applied the 2nd coat.  My husband came over to help with this.  While he got to work, I made us some sandwiches.  We make a great team. 😉

We let it set for 20 more minutes and that was it!

And now folks, without further ado…drum roll please…the finished product!!cropped-dscn47791.jpgcropped-dscn4786.jpg

What do you guys think?!  I love the deep brown color the wax gave.  The bottle says it “enhances the natural beauty” so originally I wasn’t expecting this, but I am so happy with how they turned out.cropped-dscn4799.jpg

I was hoping Home Depot would have Howard’s Sun Shield to add a layer of protection to these chairs but they didn’t. 😦  However, after doing some reading online it looks like the wax will also protect the chairs from the elements!  Yay!  So we’ll see.  I can always purchase the Sun Shield down the road if necessary.DSCN4796DSCN4782

My plan is to use these outside with a patio table I found (another DIY/blog project!).  Once I get that table lookin’ good you better watch out!  I’m going to be outside ALL the time.  I can’t wait to sit outside and drink my coffee and read a book.  Or serve dinner al fresco! 🙂  Until then I think I’ll keep these chairs inside as extra seating.DSCN4784DSCN4789

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Have you refurbished any furniture?  How did your experience go?  I would love to hear.  Enjoy your week!  I hope it feels like summer wherever you are.  xo, Jenneke Rose




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